FCP Films

Welcome to FCP Films. We are an Indie Film Company. George Demick (Owner) started with his first film in 2004, and we are now working on film #17. Our current project is call “All of it Ends” and we should be wrapping on this in late August 2021.

We want to thank everyone who has come out to support and help us with our current project (“All of it Ends“)

So damn proud to be on this project

~Kayla Jade

Here is some updates for you:

Deadlines” was completed in late 2019. Due to world issues we were note able to do a premier in 2020. We are currently shopping for Distribution.

Taku-He” was complete in late 2017. The premier was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came to see it. We are currently shopping for Distribution.

~Carson Demick

As always please check back here and our Social Media for updates. Have fun!